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Success Story I

Mr. Sangram Singh Rajpurohit, a highly zealous & hardworking enthusiast, and the proprietor of Maharaja Enterprise, was interested in establishing an MSME unit in Ahmedabad to manufacture laces and fringes and other embroidery work. He, however, had limited resources.
After a few non-productive months, he registered himself on to find a Professional/ Expert who could mentor and hand-hold him. Through, he was able to find Mr. Omprakash Tirthraj Mishra- Promoter/Consultant with Profit Line India (also based in Ahmedabad). Mr. Mishra provided Mr. Rajpurohit with a clear vision and plan for rapid and effective project implementation by:

Providing the technical know-how

Availing best possible loan & subsidy 

Providing all necessary training required 

At just the third meeting, Mr. Mishra reprimanded Mr. Rajpurohit for the lack of managerial skill, insufficient financial arrangement and limited technical knowledge concerning the proposed unit. 

Mr. Mishra immediately articulated the difference between ‘common to all’ embroidery technology and crochet technology and recommended Mr. Rajpurohit to go with crochet technology since it represented a higher scope and potential.

Mr. Mishra then worked out a project report and submitted the same under PMEGP (Prime Minister Employment Generation Program) which enabled Mr. Rajpurohit to obtain a 25% subsidy and thus solve his problem of insufficient funds.

In the meanwhile, Mr. Mishra also started EDP Training for Mr. Rajpurohit to develop his managerial and technical skills.

The training has now been successfully completed, the subsidy has been sanctioned and Mr. Rajpurohit now commands a full grip over production and sales of laces produced on crochet machine.

A helpless entrepreneur has thus got true and fair consultation in all respects in an efficient time frame to be able to step out in the market confidently and fearlessly. Thanks to 

Success Story II
Mr. Sundar Nadimpalli of Nu Dzine, Bangalore had launched a new product, Zine Zoomerz- a simple and yet highly practical safety harness used for children between the age group of 2 to 7 years designed to be used on two-wheelers (scooters and motorcycles), a year back. He was, however, struggling with the sales and marketing strategy for the same.

He then enrolled on to find a Professional/ Expert who could mentor and hand-hold him. Through, he was able to find Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta (also based in Bangalore). Mr. Gupta helped him in devising a marketing strategy as follows:

Products sales were taking off against each ad or write up in the newspaper but were dropping subsequently. It was thus suggested by Mr. Gupta that advertising is not worth the expenditure as expenses were more than the revenues generated from the same. Exhibitions gave them maximum sales but it was clear that it was not viable as participation cost was more than the revenues generated.


Ideal customers were mothers with kids between the ages of 3 - 5 years. It was thus suggested to focus on schools with kids between these ages. It was also suggested to by him to explore potential with dealers of new two wheelers.


It was also suggested by Mr. Gupta to raise the MRP to the maximum possible amount as this was a low volume market and as such volumes were not price dependant.

Mr. Gupta was also able to assist Mr. Nadimpalli in several other aspects as given below:

Since the company’s strength was in design, it was suggested by him to focus on the same and further build their design capability, and not on manufacturing or marketing etc. Furthermore, instead of manufacturing in house, it was suggested by Mr. Gupta to outsource the manufacturing (instead of spending many years on learning the various aspects of manufacturing), that too from multiple vendors to avoid copy cats.


Mr. Gupta also advised them to launch the 2 new products (which were in the pipeline) immediately as sales from these products would provide them with a positive cash flow and help them in paying their bills and salaries, since sales from Zine Zoomerz were not generating enough money.


Mr. Gupta also advised Mr. Nadimpalli to introspect and think about why they were in business and define a clear purpose. This would enable them to tide over the struggling period and come out as a winner.

In conclusion, Mr. Gupta helped Mr. Nadimpalli in many strategic decisions regarding the overall operation of the firm and the direction to take. Thanks to


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